SHAMCEY SUPSUP, Transcending Boundaries

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After the beauteous Shamcey Supsup made her countrymen proud by placing third in the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2011, a string of wonderful things still continued to transpire. One could perhaps compare her inspiring life to a fairy tale, but knowing how vocal she is about her steadfast faith, what she has now can only be attributed to nothing else but as a blessing from above.

Millions saw how Shamcey declared her firm belief and spiritual trust during the final question and answer portion at the Miss Universe pageant back in 2011 when she answered to choose her religious principles over a man who would not share her faith. That same faith never failed her. Even at a time when her career was flourishing, she decided to tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend without qualms. On December 29, 2013 she said “I do” to business man Lloyd Lee. ” When you trust the Lord’s timing, you can never go wrong.” She said.

139Now at 30 she could proudly say that she chose the right path and made the right decisions without any regrets. ” If given the chance, I’d still choose the life that I have now. I joined the pageant when I was 24, got married when I was 27 and had my baby just in time for my 30th bday. ”
It’s seems too good to be true, but it is without a doubt that Shamcey exemplifies the true essence of a woman blessed with many wondrous things. Long before she brought pride to the Philippines, she first brought pride first to her family. She had been a valedictorian from grade school and salutatorian in high school. She obtained her degree in Architecture and graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She even topped the licensure examination for Architects back in 2010.

Fresh from attaining her educational laurels, Shamcey who admitted that joining pageants never crossed her mind won a coveted national title the following year. The “brainy” girl confessed that Binibining Pilipinas was her very first pageant. “It was my mom who wanted me to join and during that time I was also curious if I’ll make the cut” she said. ” I only wanted to try out my luck and maybe 134learn something from joining the pageant”. In 2011 she proved to be brains and beauty in one package and was crowned Binibining Pilipinas-Universe. Armed with beauty, brains and a lot of trainings and support provided by Binibining Pilipinas and her Aces and Queens mentors, she proudly represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2011 in Sāo Paolo Brazil. Shamcey successfully reached the final top five and eventually became a 3rd runner up to Leila Lopes of Angola.

Shamcey did learn from her Miss Universe experience and it has broadened her horizons. ” I got to meet beautiful girls from all over the world and got to know more about their countries and culture” she said. ” Gaining life long friends during the pageant is one of the things I cherished most.” The experience also brought her fame and showbiz opportunities. Aside from a prestigious beauty title to boot and a career in showbusiness, Shamcey received the greatest gift in 2015. The beauty queen was blessed with a crowning glory of motherhood and joyfully embraced her new role after giving birth to her bundle of joy- a bouncing baby girl named Nyke.

126“You just cant explain the happiness!” Shamcey enthused about her new life as wife, mother and a career woman. ” Having the luxury to spend time with your husband and taking care of your baby and still being able to manage our businesses and also squeeze in hosting/modelling jobs in between is a dream come true for me.” Everything that has happened in her life is a testament to her strong faith and principles that she held in her heart. She prides in having a blissful marriage and is assured of their love. “Because our marriage is centered in God and our trust for each other” she said. Even as a beauty queen, she readily accepts that childbirth may affect physical beauty and so does age. “In the course of time, physical changes are inevitable” she said. “We just have to embrace these changes and love our self no matter what.”
Shamcey is living a blessed and well-balanced life based on her spiritual relationship and strong family values. She took the course she knew she is destined to with faith as her guiding light. She has done so many things she could be proud of and is still continuously doing 132everything worth her while. She juggles her time being the queen of their home while managing her architectural firm and their expanding restaurant business (Pedro n Coi and Tambayan ni Pedro). Aside from all of these, Shamcey added one more thing that she wanted to do in the years to come, “to spend more time travelling with my family!”









Photography | Arvin Cruz

Creative Direction | Edsel Los Baños

Styling | Leanne Ledesma

MakeUp | Edss Barnillo

Hair | Hazel Choa Tan

Clothes | Ivarluski Aseron

Special Thanks | Mau De Leon

Cheska Summer

John Allan

Mercator Artist and Model Management Inc

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