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Words by U-Ned Algabre

It wouldn’t be hard to tell that the adorable Jan Louie Ngo is a certified Chinoy (Chinese-Filipino) by just looking at his distinct “chinky” eyes and fair skin. He’s got that boy next door charm, but more than just being a handsome chunk of a guy with an immediate reputation of being business savvy (like how most Chinoys are viewed by many), he also holds a prestigious national title to boot and a virtuous advocacy that could create a big difference in the lives of many.

Jan Louie together with Shirley Vy won and bagged the title of Mr.and Ms.Chinatown 2016 last July at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. Aside from his appealing presence onstage, Jan Louie undoubtedly made a great impact during the Q&A portion of the competition that could have skyrocketed his scores. His winning answer that tackled financial literacy for the youth reflected the Chinese-Filipino community’s reputation of being enterprising and responsible. It also touched a great part of our society’s behavior towards money and encourages financial security and progress.

a2This handsome guy definitely has more than just his Chinito good looks to offer and here are just some things about him that he shared with Scene Zone.

About Joining Mr. and Ms. Chinatown

“I decided to join this pageant after the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2014 concluded two years ago. I told myself that I wanted to experience being involved in such a prestigious national pageant as this. I also believed that this would be my platform for self-development to better myself and hence, I joined the pageant without any hesitation whatsoever. “

Modelling and Pageant Aspirations

“When I was in DLSU (De La Salle University) I was used to be involved in modeling and even joined Mr. and Ms. College of Business 2014 in which I won. I guess becoming Mr. COB was one of the main factors that encouraged me to push my Mr. Chinatown journey. “

Financial Advocacy

“It has been my advocacy ever since to promote financial literacy towards the youth. As Mr. Chinatown, I would create a financial literacy month program targeting various high schools to educate the youth about basic financial management. “


“At first, they weren’t that supportive yet since I grew up in a traditional Chinese family where publicity isn’t that favored. However, as the competition went on, they became more and more supportive which became instrumental to my win. “

Matters of the Heart

“The main thing for me is to have someone who is understanding enough to accept the industry that I’m delving myself in and the trade-offs that come along with it. I prefer a chinoy however I’m not closing my doors in having a pinay girlfriend because in the end of the day, what really matters is heart and how supportive she will be for me. “

Exploring Possibilities

“I definitely would want to explore opportunities in showbiz. I would love to appear in commercials, movies and teleseryes. However, I really want to pursue my career in hosting and achieve my dream that is to become a business news anchor someday.”

The Perks of Pageantry

a4“I came out of the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown pageant the better version of myself, as Louie 2.0”


Photography | Arvin Cruz

Creative Direction & Styling | Edsel Los Baños

Grooming | Edss Barnillo

Hair Styling | Gervin Macawili

Wardrobe & Accessories | Uberfinds

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