HIDEO MURAOKA, Dapper Prodigy

112Words by Sofi Gabriel

Apart from his beautiful model face, Brazilian-Japanese model Hideo Muraoka has enthusiasm for surmounting challenges that can waylay his inevitable rise to the top. Member of the PBB Housemates Season 7 of ABS-CBN, Hideo is one of the most wanted men of the moment and one of the most sought after international male models in the world.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Hideo and his family arrived in the Philippines when his daughter turned four or five years old. “When I had my daughter, I had to decide a place to stay since I couldn’t keep the same lifestyle I had,” he stated. Everything might happen very fast, but Hideo took responsibility. “Definitely I believe fatherhood affects every man’s life regardless of what profession he has. Fatherhood is a very natural thing as it enriches every man’s life, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities, love, commitment, and sacrifice that make us a better person.”

114When discussing past times, it appears to be something of a nice synchronicity that Hideo welcomed changes when dealing with his stressful life. He had never dreamed of being a model until he was scouted by an international agent on his way to school at age 18. Once wanted to make his mark as a lawyer, he walked into the unknown world of modeling. “I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do in life, so I decided to try modeling just to get out of the currently stressful lifestyle that I was engaged in,” he added.

“My modeling career started to flourish when I’ve found the meaning of being a model. At this point I work hard on myself and started to attract good things to me,” he said. Hideo sees his career, unplanned as it may be, as a way to grab on to different opportunities. “Four months after I arrived in Singapore, I landed two covers. And I have been blessed to be on the cover of Men’s Health four more times since my first. The latest and very special one is the December 2013 issue in the Philippines,” he added.

115Warming up more and more to the spotlight as a star rather than just a pretty face, Hideo dares to break the stereotype. The top model entered the showbiz with a strong determination and independence. “Life is short and I learned to take risks. Life has cycles and we need to learn to live on the cycles and dance in the rain,” he said. He’s always adapting as he’s in a business where he can do so many different things. In acting, you get to live and breathe that character, and Hideo embraces the opportunities that could challenge him to get better.

Hideo is relishing the more creative role he has garnered within the fashion industry and now finds himself making a home in the Philippines. “The country is a blessed land and a real paradise with amazing places to discover. I love Philippines and I want to have a place here, but I don’t know if it’s for good. My goal is to create a lifestyle where I can live anywhere in the world. I love travelling and adventure,” he stated.

120He stated a dream job he has in mind that reflects his appreciation for passion and freedom. “I don’t like to take orders, so I would like to do something that I love, and something that involves travelling.” According to Hideo, he loves reading something positive that would bring him closer to his short term and long term goals. “I want my kid to follow her own steps but always with my help, guidance, and support when she needs,” he added.

“When I left everything behind, I learned that life is constantly changing. Most people are afraid of change and stay in their comfort zone which limits themselves from taking new challenges. But we should be able to change in order to grow. We are the creator of our own life,” he stated. With strength of character and an enviable work ethic, Hideo’s rise to the top becomes inevitable.

Photography | Arvin Cruz

Creative Direction |Edsel Los Baños

Styling | Leanne Ledesma

Grooming | Edss Barnillo

Hair Styling | Hazel Choa Tan

Wardrobe | SM Men

Special Thanks | Mau De Leon 

Mercator Artist and Model Management Inc

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