EQUINOX Designer’s Week Press Presentation: Changing the Game in the Fashion Scene


Words by U-Ned Algabre
Photos by Angela Camaquin

Change has come they say, in the Philippine political scene, and so is in the local fashion extravaganzas. When the Equinox Designer’s Week Winter X Summer event was introduced during a press conference held at the Golden Phoenix hotel in Pasay City, many were expected to get curious, intrigued and raise their eyebrows. Those reactions are already anticipated by the resolute and high spirited Equinox Producer Jeffrey Herbolario (Belle Beau talent agency CEO) and respected designer Manu Respall (of the Doggficher brand) who sits as its Creative Director. They knew that Equinox would make fashion enthusiasts turn their heads toward this au courant fashion scene. As undaunted as the men behind Equinox, the event will break loose from the chains and boundaries of prevailing guidelines of most if not all of the big and seasoned fashion fetes. The best thing with it is its openness to the creative ideas of vibrant and artistic fashion designers composed of notable names and fresh new ones participating in it. Herbolario and Respall both envisioned it to be a fashion week where the designers can extract their creative juices and spill it all on the grand runway event and exhibit. Their juxtaposed aesthetics will cater to diverse audience and buyers who can freely choose among the collections that are not based on trends. This is not limited to the designers’ creations only, the type of models are included as well, in which they chose not to favor only the stereotypes. This sweet revolution by the daring duo would hopefully open doors for the many Filipino fashion designers who wanted a platform to showcase their talent, give a new light, and create a beautiful equilibrium to art, beauty and diversity like the equality of day and night during an Equinox phenomenon. Come March 22 and this game changing spectacle will unfold with a runway show of 20 fashion designers at the Golden Phoenix hotel ballroom followed by an exhibit at the lobby until the 27th.

Participating designers are Adam Balasa, Angelo Dominic, Alvin Nogot, Cliff D Torres, Edel Cabizares-Santiago, Edmir Dequiña Lagui, Frederick Berches, Israel Palma, James Paul, Jolex Handog Remos, Mae Claire Esparraguerra Dogillo, Marc Co, Miel Velayne, Nino Crisanto Ramirez, Paolo Blanco, Ranel Espaldon, Relj Lee Leal, Roberth Azaph Gallardo III, Russ Cuevas, Vince Sityar, and Yna Mendez.

Here are some of the highlights at the Equinox Press Presentation.


Paolo Blanco


Claire Dogillo


Scene Zone’s U-Ned Algabre with Equinox producer Jeffrey Herbolario and creative director Manu Respall


Gil Granado


Roberth Azaph Gallardo


Relj Lee Leal


Cliff D


James Paul


Edel Cabizares-Santiago


Mark Co


Israel Palma


Vince Sityar


Angelo Dominic


Yna Mendez




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