DEVON SERON, In Full Bloom

DEVONPAGE2Words by: U-Ned Algabre

Life was different back then for the teenage Devon before she placed 4th on the final night of the reality tv show Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.  Looking back, she said she hasn’t changed much, she remained the humble girl she used to be though cards turned to her favor that changed her family’s life for the better.

“My life was really simple.  Kahit naman ngayon pero noon kasi kahit madami ang pinagdadaanan namin masaya parin.  We are not rich but we still manage to laugh and tell jokes about each other.  And my parents always give their best efforts to provide our needs.”

The Big Brother opportunity came at the right time when they are in dire need of financial support for Devon’s schooling.

“My parents and my ate couldn’t afford the tuition fees anymore nung malapit na ako mag graduate from highschool kasi private school kami.  Kaya nagtry ako. And fortunately I got in.”

DEVONPAGE8Today she is very much engaged in her showbiz career juggling it with her school commitments to finish a degree in culinary at SKD Academy.

Devon’s PBB stint opened more doors for her in the world of showbusiness. She claimed that it never occurred to her that she would become an actress and land roles in a string of shows such as Shoutout! Good Vibes, Mula sa Puso, Angelito: Batang Ama, Angelito: Bagong Yugto, Apoy sa Dagat, Maria Mercedes, and Moon of Desire among others.

“Ni hindi po siya ( showbiz ) sumagi sa isip ko.  Kahit nung elementary and highschool years ko never ako nag stage play.  Kasi takot po ako at mahiyain.  So wala talaga akong background sa pag aarte. Siguro, engineer nako ngayon o architect.  Eversince, yan po talaga pangarap ko.”

Currently she is part of the newest girl group “GirlTrends” in It’s Showtime, and is one of the casts of “Be my lady” starring Erich Gonzalez and Daniel Matsunaga. Bigger and better opportunities lay ahead for Devon. She learned to strike while the iron is hot and is even open to the possibility that she may cross paths and work again with her former PBB house mate and loveteam James Reid.
DEVONPAGE3“When it comes to work, there are no exceptions. Para matuto ka sa mga taong nakakatrabaho mo and it will help you grow as an actor.”

If Devon could one day choose a role for her she wanted to try becoming a villain, a superhero, a blind woman, and an addict among others. She also dreams of starring in action and fantasy films.

No matter how many doors would open wide for her, or no matter how much her star shines, she knew that fame and fortune could never prevent her from looking back at her humble beginnings.

“My friends keep telling me that I’m still the same Devon noon.  Pero siguro po I am just more experienced, wiser and stronger this time.”



Photography | Dok Chester Godoy

Creative Direction | Edsel Los Banos

Styling | Leanne Ledesma

Hair and Make up | Edss Barnillo

Wardrobe | Uber Finds

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